The single best thing about TEFL

To give a bit of balance after my cynical off-day thoughts, I started writing a post wondering aloud if any job in the world could actually suit me as well as TEFL. I gave that up when it turned into more of a list of my personal failing than an ad for teaching English, but one thing stood out so much that I thought it was worth a post of its own.

For me, the best thing about TEFL is that you can put in exactly as much or as little effort as you like. Off day, hangover and or job which really isn’t worth it? Bang off some photocopies or teach straight out of the book with a joke or multipurpose game or two and still everyone will be happy. Feeling keen or found a lesson which is motivating to prepare? Every minute of those four hours collecting trivia etc will probably be worth it.

Or not?

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One Response to The single best thing about TEFL

  1. Pretty much how I see it.

    At times I’ve been a TEFLAHOLIC to the point of it taking over my life. Maybe that will come back but in some ways I hope not. Now I cycle from pretty bored and indifferent to moderately motivated. I try to give the students value for money and I think I do except on my very worst days.

    I know I couldn’t succeed in any other job as well as I have in TEFL – but I think it is ‘them’ and not ‘me’ that is the problem.

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