I’m back on TEFLtastic (but I’m not sure how I feel about it)

A day or two ago when I was updating my worksheets pages I got a message that TEFLtastic had been suspended from WordPress because I’d “broken the Terms of Service”. I quickly hit the contact button but given how I had no idea which of the many terms of service I’d broken and that I’d made some enemies over the years of blogging, there seemed to be a good chance that hundreds or thousands of hours of (unpaid) work over seven years had suddenly, completely and permanently disappeared.

My first thought was “I should really blog about this”… Along with an empty feeling that such a big part of the last few years had gone, my second thought was that a few more hours and a lot more thinking time in every week had suddenly become free. I’d probably be more likely to waste even more time reading comments on the Guardian website than join the gym or write a book like I started to imagine, but having a TEFL blog has started to seem like an even more ridiculous use of my free time.

But here I am again anyway, looking at my blog stats a couple of times a day to make writing about my job for zero financial reward and endlessly linking to myself seem less silly…

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7 Responses to I’m back on TEFLtastic (but I’m not sure how I feel about it)

  1. What -may we ask – had you done to break the terms and conditions??

  2. I love your blog – it’s a classic:))

    I advise keeping the blog and writing the book – just do it before breakfast;)

  3. Thea says:

    I would also like to know if you found out what you did that broke the T&Cs? I can’t think of anything!

  4. alexcase says:

    This was the email:

    “Hi there,

    Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls. We have reviewed your site and removed the suspension notice.

    Please be sure to clear your browser’s cache and restart the browser (if necessary).


    I’m sorry for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused.


    So at least I know it wasn’t any of the many dodgy TEFL courses I’ve mentioned complaining… I reckon I’ve had so many links to Usingenglish.com, especially recently, that they assumed I actually was some kind of feeder site meant to boost their SEO or something.

  5. julie says:

    love your blog, shocking it can be closed down so easily…at least they have recognised their mistake and apologised I suppose. Hope you are not too disheartened and good luck with your books.

  6. alexcase says:

    Actually, it might have been because I pasted some links straight in from Usingenglish rather than making the links myself (which I was forced to do by some annoying update from Adobe pdf reader which means pdfs are all opening on my desktop rather than on the site so I can’t find out the address and link to them). Here’s hoping they won’t do the same thing when I do the same thing again…

  7. alexcase says:

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I don’t seem to be able to give up anyway, but comments do make it seem like pointless…

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