New ELT games and other photocopiable activities October 2014

Actually more than a month’s supply as it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but with most recent top:

Making Arrangements Phone Calls Game

Analyse and write IELTS Speaking Part Two Tasks

Past or Present? Used to/Would Speaking Game

Present Simple Routines Pairwork Information Gap

Present Simple Third Person Guessing Game

Present Simple Taboo Questions Game

Present Simple Matchmakers Game

Present Simple Job Interviews Roleplay Game

Present Simple Guess Who Game

Present Simple Personalised Board Game

Present Simple Sentence Completion Bluffing game

Present Simple Ask and Tell Taboo Questions Game

Adverbs of Frequency Describe the Jobs Game

Adverbs of Frequency Bluffing Card Game

Different Stress and Intonation in Negotiations

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Writing Part Two Review Tasks

Paragraphing Mistakes in Emails

Opening & Closing Emails Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Negotiating Saying Yes, No & Maybe

IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three Dice Game

Ask and analyse 100 IELTS Speaking Part One Typical Questions

Regrets Dice Bluffing Game

Social Issues Numbers Pairwork

Email formal and informal functional language review

IELTS Speaking Part One Board Game & Useful Language

‘Have Something Done’ Speaking Practice

There is/ There are How Many Board Game

Infinitives of Purpose Adventure Board Game

Determiners with Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Put the Dates in Order Games

Imperative for Offers and Commands in Presentations

“Have You Ever” Job Interview Questions Games

Emailing Politeness Competition Game

Apologies and giving bad news key words speaking game

Longer requests phrases card game

Turn taking functions card game

Business Result Pre-Intermediate rotating revision board game


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4 Responses to New ELT games and other photocopiable activities October 2014

  1. Adi Rajan says:

    The stress & intonation in negotiations activity looks really interesting. I was wondering if there were any guidelines that went it – as in intonation patterns or shifts you’d expect in these utterances. Thanks.

  2. alexcase says:

    I’m afraid I completely unmusical and so incapable of either understanding or teaching actual intonation patterns (and so take comfort in those experts who say it’s basically unteachable…) I think the main thing is mostly more extreme intonation in the right ones.

    Here’s the same thing for presentations:

    Click to access business-english-presentations-good-and-bad-stress-and-intonation.pdf

    Click to access business-english-presentations-shifting-stress-in-phrases.pdf

  3. Adi Rajan says:

    Thanks you!

  4. Adi Rajan says:

    Here’s why I shouldn’t reply from my phone. Apologies about the typo!

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