Can you recommend any campaigning TEFL blogs?

I’ve been thinking for a while that a TEFL blog carnival on more campaigning topics such as teaching pay and conditions, crappy schools and the like would make a great change to “Teaching ideas for…”, so if anyone with actual Twitter and Facebook accounts fancies giving it a try I’ll see if I can’t get back in campaigning mood and add something. In the meantime, I’m planning to start a section of my blogroll on blogs and blog posts on things which are meant to change the industry rather than just the way that individual teachers choose to teach. Suggestions below please.

Here are a few that I’ve found so far:

Marker pens and kryptonite on Decentralised teaching and learning

Five questions about fair pay, respect and equal pay for TEFL teachers on Cooperativa de Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona

Angry Language Brigade on

TEFL Equity AdvocatesA Disabled Access Friendly World: ELT Lessons on TEFL Matters

Some older ones that I’d love to find active versions of:

Marxist TEFL

Critical Mass ELT

The TEFL Blacklist

and 11 of my own random ideas to change this industry of ours:

Random Ideas to Change TEFL

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5 Responses to Can you recommend any campaigning TEFL blogs?

  1. alexcase says:

    One more. Just discovered it, but seems to be the most comprehensive blacklisting site that is active at the moment:

  2. alexcase says:

    Oh, and of course there’s this guy who keeps banging on about the British Council:

  3. paulwalsh says:

    A great campaigning post by Nicola Prentis: ‘Who’s the Wolf in ELT?’

  4. alexcase says:

    Thanks, great recommendation. And it links to another one I really should include:

  5. alexcase says:

    This one probably also counts:

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