New EFL games/ worksheets July 2014

Latest top:

Use the storytelling phrases

Storytelling phrases The same or different

Present Perfect Practice Game- Progress Check Meetings (with contrast to Simple Past)

Present Progressive Clothes Drawing Game

Legal English Numbers Trivia Pairwork

Brainstorm useful language to describe places

Compare and contrast the places

Describing people vocabulary, speaking and writing

Reported speech key word sentence transformation

Describing Processes Games (good for IELTS Academic Writing and Technical English)

Preparing presentations tips

Countable & Uncountable Nouns Inflation Basket Discussion

Guess the Dates Warmer Cooler Game

Seasons Vocabulary Games

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Self-Study Discussion

IELTS Academic Writing Part One Flowchart Phrases

Telephoning- Dictating & Checking/Clarifying

IELTS Speaking Part Three Typical Questions and Answers

Legal English Supporting your Arguments

IELTS Writing Part Two tasks, introductions and essay plans

Eiken Level 1- Topics and Questions Game

Legal English- Differences Between Legal Terms

Emailing Starters and Endings

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Writing Part Two Story Tasks

Present Simple Needs Analysis, Presentation and Practice

Telephoning & Teleconferencing Needs and Personalised Practice

Meeting People Bluffing Game (describing your company etc)

Persuasive Academic Applications

Days and Dates True or False Game

Personal Information in Academic Writing

Present Progressive and Simple Jobs Miming

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