Made up statistics in the language classroom

86 percent of statistics mentioned by teachers in the classroom are completely made up…

… but that figure is completely okay. In fact, I’m increasingly moving from saying “Single countable nouns almost always take a determiner” to “Something like 97% of single countable nouns take a determiner”, even encouraging my students to copy those completely made up stats from the board. I can’t think of any similar examples at the moment, but I use this technique approximately once every 1.467 days.

Anyone else got any imaginary but useful stats worth throwing at my students?

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2 Responses to Made up statistics in the language classroom

  1. alexcase says:

    Here’s another one that I’ve used recently and just remembered – “Dear Sir or Madam is about 100 times more common than To whom it may concern”

  2. tokyofox says:

    8 out of 10 Japanese students, who fail English exams, do so because they quite simply just don’t say anything!

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