IELTS Academic review lesson plan with classroom materials


One copy of most of the worksheets below per student

Cut up copies of some of the worksheets below, sometimes one per class but usually one set per group.

One dice by group.

At least one of each type of IELTS Academic Writing Part One task (line graph, table, pie chart, bar chart, map and flow chart) per group

One full reading paper per student, preferably with answer key

One full listening paper per student, preferably with answer key and transcript

Lesson plan with link to materials

  1. IELTS dice game and question brainstorming, ending with exam-style practice with exam script on the last page – 25 minutes
  2. Move onto Speaking Part Two exam-style practice with one of the tasks from the worksheets below – 10 minutes
  3. Analyse and write IELTS Speaking Part Two tasks – just the analysing bit, or could write a task about nature to tie in with the stage below  – 15 minutes
  4. OptionalBrainstorming useful phrases for Speaking Part Two – probably better to do as a class on the board to save time – 10 minutes if done like that
  5. IELTS Speaking Part Two on nature – 10 minutes
  6. IELTS Speaking Part Three typical questions and answers (also starting with questions about nature) – 10 to 30 minutes, depending on what stages you do
  7. Finish that stage by running through possible answers to the difficult questions such as “How important…?”, ending with the one about changes, then brainstorm language for different trends by drawing basic lines on the board – 20 minutes
  8. Optional: IELTS nature vocabulary trends – just describing and agreeing/ disagreeing, no time for guessing game – 10 minutes
  9. Plan then describe an Academic Writing Part One line graph task from an exam practice book like this one – 10 minutes
  10. Optional – A selection of language from Trends and comparing/ contrasting and/ or The language of trends the same or different, stressing the comparing and contrasting parts – 25 minutes
  11. Similarities and differences between IELTS Academic Writing Part One tasks – 20 minutes
  12. Different IELTS Academic Writing Part Two tasks, introductions and lesson plans – just the first worksheet – 15 minutes
  13. IELTS Academic Writing Part Two tips and useful phrases – 15- 20 minutes
  14. IELTS Listening tactics discussion and tips/ Brainstorming language for IELTS Listening/ IELTS Listening tips and useful phrases – 20 to 30 minutes
  15. IELTS Reading tactics discussion and tips – 15 minutes
  16. Optional: IELTS Reading Lesson 1 (exam tips and practice of typical question types, with an IELTS Reading about IELTS Reading) – 25 minutes

All adds up to between three hours ten minutes and four and a half hours, probably (hopefully!) quicker in a one-to one class like the one I will be teaching it with tomorrow…

Loads more IELTS material, including a whole page on first lessons, here.

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4 Responses to IELTS Academic review lesson plan with classroom materials

  1. Jenny Davis says:

    I am an ex nurse and teach ESOL with an interest in developing into teaching IELTS. I am about to embark on supporting some nurses taking IELTS. Have you got any suggested assessment materials for determining readiness to take academic IELTS? Many thanks

  2. Jenny Davis says:

    Many thanks. They need scores of 8 for the nursing and midwifery register

  3. Chloe says:

    I have only just found your page and I am so impressed,thank you!I think you are a generous soul for sharing your expertise,it is much appreciated 🙂

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