My computer corrected me in class!

In one of the schools I work for the computers in the classroom make a strange bing-bong noise when the screensaver starts, one which sounds a lot like the sound that a wrong answer gets in a quiz show. It’s usually just annoying, but this week my computer learned perfect comic timing, going “Bing bong” just after I’d given a somewhat controversial answer when checking statements about IELTS Listening. My completely natural reactioj was to turn to the interactive whiteboard and tell the computer “No, honestly, I swear it’s true!”

As I said to my students after we’d all had our little giggle – Welcome to the future of teaching, it’s only a matter of time till it really happens…

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2 Responses to My computer corrected me in class!

  1. Zdenek Rotrekl says:

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  2. alexcase says:

    Zdenek, your comments until now have always been fairly on topic, but that is just pure spam, hence the edit. Have also removed the links from your name from your other comments.

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