How can I make it easier to find worksheets on TEFLtastic?

I actually saw someone navigating my worksheet pages for the first time about three months ago, and was quite shocked by how many windows they had opened by the time they actually found what they wanted (even with me looking over their shoulder and helping them). I’ve since had similar feedback from a couple of people I know (and so are not as unnecessarily polite as those of you who I don’t).

I still can’t decide between having a system of opening a new window when you click on a link (with the screen messiness that can lead to) and the window you are on jumping to the next page you click on (meaning countless jumping backwards and forwards if you can’t decide which of, say, three worksheets you most like the choice of). I also don’t know if it’s better to have longer pages (e.g. all FCE Use of English worksheets on one page) or very specific pages (just Use of English Part One). However, I have decided that listing all sub-index pages on each index page is probably a good idea, and will start on that today.

Any feedback on that idea or other suggestions on making it easier to find stuff here?

In the meantime, here are some tips for finding stuff:

– If you know what worksheet you are looking for, just Google it, maybe adding words like “TEFLtastic”, “Alex Case” or “” if it’s one of mine

– If that doesn’t work, try Googling a line from the worksheet with speech marks around it, or doing the same thing in the TEFLtastic search box

– If it’s an index page you are looking for rather than a specific worksheet, try “games and worksheets” after the name of the language point, section of the exam, textbook unit etc you are looking for

– If you have no idea of the name of what you are looking for just the category it probably belongs to, use the dropdown menus above, not clicking until you reach what you are looking for, or at least a relevant index page

– If you have even less idea of what it might be, try clicking on “Worksheets” above.

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One Response to How can I make it easier to find worksheets on TEFLtastic?

  1. karen says:


    I’ve been using your site for quite a while now. First of all, I’d like to say thanks for all the hard work and secondly the suggestions you have made are great, I’ve had a look and it seems to be a lot easier to navigate.


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