New EFL worksheets May 2014

In more or less reverse chronological order, but with some moving of less generally useful stuff to lower down the list:

Self-study tips comparative adjectives presentation and practice (combining learner training and grammar)

Needs analysis and language learning rules discussion (ditto, this time for modals)

Please + verb for offers and commands in emails (for the many students who try to use the imperative for requests – also suitable for classes not studying emails in particular)

Possessive adjectives drawing game

Draw a monster body parts practice (colours, numbers and shapes)

Social issues trends (presenting trends language in context with a nice weighty topic that is useful for most classes studying this language, especially university classes)

Emailing phrases Which is more common?   (to stop being all cultural imperialist about modern emailing conventions whilst also giving some useful feedback)

Business emails tips and useful phrases

University applications tips and useful phrases

Telephoning more and more challenging roleplays and useful phrases

Animal idioms pictionary

Explaining Japanese wining and dining (for dealing with foreign guests – easily adaptable for other nationalities)

How British is your academic English? extended version (British and American English for academic writing)

Formal and informal emailing phrases key word sentence transformations game (for FCE but useful for loads of other classes too)

Dealing with questions and problems in presentations

Presentation Q&A session roleplays

Spelling rules for IELTS Academic Writing

IELTS Listening tips and useful phrases

Formality in presentations Brainstorming and correction

IELTS Academic Writing Part One tips and useful phrases Extended version

Expressions to help spot right and wrong answers in FCE Listening

Typical errors in IELTS Listening

Describing places The language of trends (tying together two different IELTS Academic Writing Part One tasks)

Continuous aspect and vocabulary for writing reviews

If you want more materials for any of those language points or exams, they also all have their own worksheet index pages.

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