The only photocopiable books still worth paying for?

With people like me having shamelessly copied ideas from classic photocopiable books (and even maybe improved on them) then offered our stuff for free, it no longer seems to be worth paying actual money for formerly indispensible books like Communication Games, Reward Resource Packs, and Business Builder. That just leaves these that I would shell out for:

The three Puzzle Time books


The two Play Games with English books

mainly because they have great use of pictures.

And you? Any other books that you’d actually buy (if you lost the copy you have already) and the rest of us should probably use our cash on too?

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2 Responses to The only photocopiable books still worth paying for?

  1. philipjkerr says:

    I think the ‘Reward’ photocopiable resource packs are still some of the best of this kind of stuff.

  2. alexcase says:

    Still useful, definitely (especially the biz ones), but not sure I would pay actual money for them nowadays, unless I was setting up a teacher’s room including for some more inexperienced teachers

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