New teaching English articles and worksheets March 2014

I’m off to the UK on Sunday to take part in Occupy IATEFL*, so here are lots of worksheets and not lots of articles to keep you busy until I get back. Recent stuff I haven’t mentioned yet top:


Meeting people and meeting people again review

Verb patterns classification and speaking

Giving directions in British and American English

Meeting people cultural differences and useful phrases

Eiken Level 1 speaking practice

Classify and rank the formal and informal emailing phrases

Give advice on emailing and other business communication (including good advice and function language for them to give each more such tips)

Your week countable and uncountable (the best way I’ve found yet of personalising countable and uncountable nouns)

Surveying the audience in presentations (a great way of making presentations more interactive and hooking the audience)

Connecting with the audience in presentations (ditto)

Making arrangements by telephone game

Using rhetorical questions in presentations

Use the starting and ending emails phrases

Telephoning in English discussion and personalised practice

Presentations Q&A Roleplays

Analyse and write IELTS Speaking Part Two Tasks

The stages of planning a presentation

IELTS Speaking Part One functional language practice game

The last time…  narrative tense review and guessing game

Countable & uncountable travel vocabulary and speaking

English greetings functional language review

Giving directions make it clearer

Starting and ending emails game

Remembering and forgetting board game

Checking your understanding or their understanding game

Trends and comparing contrasting

Opening and closing presentations

Compare and contrast your writing

Comparing and contrasting academic writing tasks

Brainstorm and rank the comparing and contrasting phrases

Comparing phrases the same or different

Present Simple cultural customs bluffing game

Present Simple guess the country

Present Simple reading, speaking and drawing game

Present Simple work and leisure discussion questions

Common Business English verbs Present Simple

Academic emails more and more errors game

Comparing useful language to talk about academic writing

Classify and rank the First Certificate email and letter phrases

FCE (First Certificate in English) Use of English Part Two brainstorming games

FCE (First Certificate in English) Open Cloze card games

First Certificate emails and letters prepositions pairwork

Language for First Certificate reviews open cloze and brainstorming

First Certificate open cloze for relative clauses

Open cloze practice of language for First Certificate stories


How to teach FCE Use of English Part Two open cloze

How to teach comparing and contrasting

Eiken is a completely new one for me, but loads more articles and photocopiables on all the other topics via the dropdown menus above.

*Partly true.

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