How to cash in on Scottish independence – a guide for TEFLers

I have no idea what it might be like for an independent Scotland or the remaining “rump UK”, but the Scotch going it alone could be a real boon for people in TEFL like us. Here are some ideas how to make some cash from it:

  • Redesigning the logos of the hundreds of schools that have the (present) Union Jack in it
  • Recruiting teachers from the rump UK to replace Scottish teachers who are fired from centric schools like the British Council
  • Re-writing materials with now outdated mentions of “Britain”, “British English” and “the UK”
  • Writing Scottish editions of textbooks
  • Write “rump UK” editions of textbooks
  • Doing the conference circuit claiming that RP can now regain its rightful place as UK standard now the Scots are gone
  • Becoming the manager of a Scottish branch of a chain of UK language schools by staging a revolution and/ or campaigning to have your school nationalised
  • Setting up the first chain of Scottish English schools
  • Coming up with and copyrighting a better term than “Scottish English”
  • Getting copyright on more Scottish spellings of the word English in the country you are in

Any more ideas?

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