How has being a parent changed your teaching?

I’ve been a parenting TEFLer/ TEFLing parent for four and half years now, but due to that fact have only now found the time to ponder on and write about the experience…

The main effect for me was deciding to give up teaching kids as much as possible so that I actually spend a sensible proportion of my week with adults, so perhaps the only effect I can see on what I actually do in the classroom is dropping songs in YL classes at random to present and reinforce vocab as well as the song or two which is on the plan. I do also try to remind students when they’ve seen language before in books etc as I do with my daughter, but my students rarely have enough class time or English at home to make that often the case.

The biggest change for me has been psychological, because teaching English suddenly became no longer either the most important or the most rewarding thing I do in a day, giving me much more a sense of perspective. More practically, for the first time I often simply don’t have the time to plan lessons as I’d like to, making “That’ll have to do” and rushing planning of one lesson to leave time for the one I actually spend serious time on a part of almost every day.

Other than that, I’ve probably been more affected by changing schools, entering my 40s and having over a decade of teaching experience.

And you?

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2 Responses to How has being a parent changed your teaching?

  1. maria says:

    I am an native english speaker and teacher of english in Sth America. I have four children and my husband and I manage a venue for parties which is attatched to the house we live in . I do enjoy teaching english to High school students, but have had to cut down on the private classes i was taking as the kids have after school activities and I still ,, apart from assisting in the fiestas, manage the cooking and cleaning and all the other details in raising children. I needed to cut back in order to not only breathe ,but spend quality time with my family.

  2. alexcase says:

    I only have one, but my experience is kind of similar. I expected some big change in personality and/ or approach the teaching, but the biggest impact is lack of time and energy to spend on teaching.

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