50 Present Continuous links now much better organised

This was the opposite job to polishing up my Present Simple page, meaning this time there was already so much stuff there that it was impossible to navigate. Have therefore made new pages for Present Continuous for future arrangements, video worksheets for Present Continuous, and TPR worksheets for Present Continuous (also including making sounds). All that left me with room to expand the remaining worksheets page:

Present Continuous games, worksheets, stories and songs

I’ve also started a page of songs for Present Continuous but no links yet, so if you know which of the many worksheets out there for Tom’s Diner etc are best, please let us know. And good links of other kinds also welcome of course (including to your own stuff, as long as it qualifies as a good link of course!)

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2 Responses to 50 Present Continuous links now much better organised

  1. najwa says:

    i want plans about future tense with will

  2. alexcase says:

    I don’t write actual lesson plans, but all photocopiables for future tenses available via this page:

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