Key words card games (TEFLtastic classics Part 19)

This is another game which will feature prominently in my upcoming article in EtP magazine on getting students to use more complex language. Students are given a pack of cards with key words for one or more functions on them, e.g. cards which say “interrupt”, “where”, “finish” etc for turn taking. Perhaps after brainstorming suitable phrases using those words, students try to use as many of them as they can during a speaking activity. The person who uses the most cards is the winner.

After playing, students can brainstorm phrases (if they didn’t do that before), try to remember the phrases, or, in the top variation below, put them together to form collocations which could make such phrases. Alternatively, there’s the variation in the bottom two examples below, where brainstorming is the whole activity.

Apologising and giving bad news key words speaking games

Generalising/ hedging key words and collocations game

FCE Speaking Part Three key words game

Sharing experiences key words brainstorming and speaking games

Turn taking phrases key words

Interrupting key words speaking game

Checking and clarifying key words

Supporting your arguments key words brainstorming and speaking

Key words in business writing Tense review games

Key words in business writing Word formation games

21 classic TEFL cards games including this one here, and more TEFLtastic classics of various kinds here.

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