TEFLtastic attempts at humour in 2013

Not many this year, but a couple were among the most clicked on ever. In approximate order of how popular they were:

100 things for TEFLers to do before they die

My lesson planning process

Hiberno English to become official language of EU after Brexit

I may not be the best teacher, but…

Bulgaria and Romania fret over possible flood of UK TEFLers

Useful TEFL-based euphemisms for your everyday life

If you are feeling down about someone quitting your class

New germ free classrooms scrapped after scandal

Libertarians protest linguists’ monitoring of their language use

I’ve had even less time this year for reading TEFL blogs than I’ve found to write this one, so links to TEFL humour elsewhere in 2013 would be very welcome.

The same for previous years:






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