Chain writing/ Consequences (TEFLtastic classics Part 17)

Like most of the games in this occasional series of mine, this is a well-known TEFL game and the main reason I’m the one writing about it is that I’m the one who has probably (over) exploited it more than anyone else…

It’s based on the classic game where you write something on a piece of paper, fold over the paper so that the next person can’t see (most of) what has been written so far, then pass it to the next person for them to continue the story. It’s most famous for writing actual stories and fairly well-known as a practice activities for conditionals, and I’ve also used it for telephoning, emailing, postcards, reported speech, and describing appearances.

Application emails chain writing game (in this e-book) – NEW

Dealing with email complaints chain writing game (in this e-book) – NEW

Email enquiries chain writing (in this e-book) – NEW

Making arrangements chain writing (in this e-book) – NEW

Present Simple chain stories

Business chain letters/ emails game

Business phone calls chain writing game

Postcards chain writing game

Reported speech chain stories

Future clauses chain story (first conditional with “unless” etc)

Second conditional chain writing

Describing appearance fairytale chain story

First conditional consequences (speaking version)

Many other TEFLtastic classics with worksheets here.

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