The Xmas activities I most use

I’ve had really nice feedback on my Xmas and New Year worksheets over the years, including from people I work with, but I have to admit that I wrote so many of them for UsingEnglish that there are some I’ve never used myself. As there are no new ones this year, I thought I might narrow down the choice for people by simply putting them in order by how useful I’ve found them to be in my own classes, including some I use when it’s not even Xmas!

Used quite often

Xmas party negotiations – the best ever game for the language of meetings and negotiations, as there is a clear winner, and some good Xmas vocab

Edward Scissor Hands– cute, seasonal, the easiest film in the English language, and full of lots of lovely reference expressions

Friends Series One New Year episode

Future Perfect New Year predictions

Xmas first conditional superstitions bluff game

Christmas Adverbs of Frequency– Present Simple and lots of lovely (not stereotyped) cultural information

Describing Xmas foods bluff game – good for students who want to explain food from their own country to foreign guests, e.g. Business English students who often entertain clients

Used fairly often to make lesson materials

An EFL Xmas and New Year glossary

Used a few times

New Year resolutions adverbs of frequency – going to for plans and learner training

Christmas traditions passives bluff game

Xmas guess the country modals of deduction

Going to Xmas mimes – for predictions with present evidence

Used once or twice

Xmas pictures for It is/ They are

It is/ They are Xmas flashcards

Make a Xmas story Simple Past practice

Xmas and New Year future tenses review

New Year action and state verbs

Christmas Present Simple and Continuous mimes– contrasting routines and things happening now, with lots of nice Chrimbo vocab

Christmas Past Tense mimes – Past continuous when they finish miming and then tense review as they talk about their own experiences of those things

Will for future predictions Xmas

Xmas trivia number pairwork – good for Business English, Technical English and other ESP classes

Business English Christmas cards Do’s and Don’ts – imperatives and important cultural information

Choose cards and draw your own Xmas picture

Xmas and the environment discussion questions

The Life of Brian – as mentioned on a Dave’s ESL Cafe thread, only for veeeery high level and open-minded students

Jingle Bells rhyming words practice

Have yourself a Merry Little Xmas text reordering

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

White Xmas song correct the mistakes

Should that not be enough for you or if you very sensibly don’t trust me to know when my own worksheets are crap, the full list of my seasonal stuff is here.

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