New TEFL articles and worksheets Oct-Nov 2013

The surprising popularity of one of my recent attempts at humour and something that started as an attempt at an actual article have somewhat made up for the lack of blog posts recently. I’ve also been pretty busy elsewhere.

In reverse chronological order:


How to teach supporting your arguments

How to teach Cambridge First Certificate Part Three

First lessons for Academic Writing classes

How to test and teach detailed comprehension

Don’t do anything for students that they can do for themselves

How to teach the language of likes and dislikes


Academic vocabulary with more than one meaning (with functional language for defining your terms)

Punctuation in academic writing (ditto)

Use the Academic Word list vocabulary to give tips of academic writing (two birds with one stone!)

FCE Speaking Part Three key words speaking game

Intensive practice of FCE Speaking Part Three

Key words in business writing Word formation games

Good and bad stress in presentations phrases

Shifting stress in presentations phrases

Academic writing needs analysis and defining your terms phrases

Bad news emails to academic staff

Emails explaining procedures to academic staff

Comparing and contrasting education vocabulary

Define the academic word list vocabulary (with useful phrases for defining your terms)

Defining architecture vocabulary

Defining art (including brainstorming art vocab)

Guess the stories from the headlines vocabulary

Compare your FCE Writing Part Two articles

Cooking and eating verbs mimes

Idioms with as… as pairwork

FCE-open cloze style review of tenses

Continue the telephone conversations from the useful phrases

Key words in business writing tense review game

IELTS Listening tactics discussion and tips

FCE Writing tactics discussion and tips

IELTS Reading tactics discussion and tips

FCE Listening tactics discussion and tips

Put the stages of Academic Writing into order (card game)

Brainstorming for job applications

IELTS Writing guided answer sheet (my simplest but most effective IELTS worksheets so far!)

Needs analysis and presentation of phrases for group brainstorming

plus too many new ones here on the blog in October to list here! See drop down menus for them all arranged by topic.

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