Teaching supporting your arguments

My regular reader might remember that a year or so ago “my boom” (as we say in Japan) was getting students to use opinions phrases that were more complex and more attuned with their strength of their opinions. However, on the morning of the final debates of the class that I was really pushing that language point with I suddenly realised “That isn’t going to be what they need in today’s speaking at all! What they’re going to need is ways of supporting their arguments like giving examples and sharing evidence.” And indeed that turned out to be the case.

So that I don’t have to squirm in my seat for 90 minutes in the same way this year, I’ve since been working hard on activities to help with that point and have just published an article on the topic:

How to teach supporting your arguments

Supporting your arguments games/ worksheets

More worksheets on the topic coming soonish.

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One Response to Teaching supporting your arguments

  1. Walton Burns says:

    Awesome resources. Very helpful. I also had a lot of trouble doing argument essays with my students, especially because we had to teach opposing arguments. If it’s of any use, here are a couple of worksheets I came up with to teach opposing arguments along with support:

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