Criticism of outsourcing to British Council in Punjab and Malaysia

I’m not sure how seriously the criticism can be taken, seeing as it comes from a local teaching union and an opposition party, probably the two kinds of people who are most likely to protest all changes. Still, that of course doesn’t necessarily make them wrong, and I thought it was interesting that these stories came up within about 24 hours of each other:


Education outsourcing – UK-backed initiatives have done more harm than good


270 million ringgit paid to train teachers in English is absurd, says DAP

Another Muhyiddin fiasco? 270 million ringgit English mentoring program

Interesting comments in the first two showing I’m not the only one to doubt their claims. The DAP guy didn’t choose a good example with the Japanese JET programme in the last article either, as lots of ALT (assistant language teacher programmes) have been outsourced to other organisations (including the British Council again), there has been a lot of talk of scrapping the centrally run JET scheme, and anyway it was mainly set up to give foreigners experience of Japan rather than teach Japanese English.

More British Council stories via the category of that name below.

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