Using video to practise specific language points

Updated 9 March 2017

Been inspired by TEFL star Vicki Hollett’s blog carnival on the topic of video in ELT to finally put together a list of my many articles and worksheets on the topic in a more accessible way, including the best ways I’ve found of practising narrative tenses and going to/ will for predictions that I’ve found:

1. Present tenses


Fun video tasks to practice Present Simple and Present Continuous


Mr Bean Meets the Queen (Present Continuous)

Mr Bean The Department Store (Present Continuous)

Mr Bean The Exam (Present Continuous)

Mr Bean The Library (Present Continuous)

2. Past tenses


Video tasks to practice past tenses


Mr Bean in Hospital, Goodnight Mr Bean, Mr Bean Goes to the Swimming Pool, and Do It Yourself Mr Bean (narrative tenses)

3. Future tenses


Fun video tasks to practice future tenses and conditionals


Mr Bean The Exam (will and going to for predictions)

Pingu Will for predictions worksheets

4. Prepositions


Video for prepositions – LINK FIXED


Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave prepositions

5. Reference expressions


Edward Scissorhands

Life of Brian

6. Personality words


Trigger Happy TV

Friends Series 6 Episode 3 Ross’s denial episode (guess the characters’ lines from their personality)

7. Feelings vocabulary


Mind the Baby Mr Bean

8. False friends and common errors


The Trouble with Mr Bean

9. Toys vocabulary


Pingu gets a bike

10. Other language points – Modals, reported speech, countable and uncountable, infinitive of purpose, reported speech

Article with all of those language points

Video tasks for specific language points (modals, countable and uncountable, infinitive of purpose, reported speech, etc)

Worksheets for infinitive of purpose

Do It Yourself Mr Bean

Wallace and Gromit A Grand Day Out Infinitive of purpose

Worksheets for modals

The Wrong Trousers modals of probability/ possibility

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