New TEFL articles, worksheets, news and reviews Aug – Sept 2013

Ones that are recent and haven’t been mentioned top of each section.


How to teach FCE Listening Part One

First lessons for FCE classes

Stimulating classroom practice of passives

How to teach FCE Speaking Part One

How to teach FCE Speaking Part Two


English for Academic Study: Writing (Garnet)

Cambridge English Exams The First Hundred Years


The Guardian come up with 100 email sign offs

Brits say ta, cheers and sorted more than thank you

Trinity TESOL expanding


Weekend vocabulary storytelling

IELTS Writing process tasks error correction and discussion

IELTS Speaking Part Three typical question stems

FCE sentence transformation Reversi game

Correct the emails to academic staff (also useful if your own students send you annoyingly impolite, pushy or otherwise unsuitable emails)

Emailing roleplays and brainstorming useful phrases

Ending formal and informal presentations

The language of trends The same or different

IELTS Speaking Part One dice game and brainstorming

FCE Past, Present and Future dice game

Telephoning The same or different?

Emailing needs analysis and functional language review

Typical errors with cohesive devices

Strong and weak opinions

Starting formal and informal presentations

Introducing yourself in presentations

Stating the aim of a presentation

Complete the useful email phrases

Index pages for all the topics above (emailing, FCE, IELTS, telephoning, presentations, trends, vocab for weekends, linking) via the drop-down menus at the top.

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