Change in editor at Modern English Teacher magazine

Having a stack of half finished TEFL articles and now two fewer places to put them, have recently been writing to all and sundry asking them to please take them off my hands. Turns out my advice that everyone should give it a try because it’s easy is right, because all positive responses so far. All, that is, apart from Dave Francis at MET, who told me “Thanks, but I’m no longer editor”.

That was a bit of a shocker and a whole change in era, as he’s been in the post 11 years, meaning longer than I’ve been writing for them and if I’m not mistaken through at least three changes in ownership of MET! I’ve never met him in person but he’s been always quick to reply and full of useful feedback diplomatically given by email, and my series of articles for MET on drawing games etc would never have happened if he hadn’t suggested them. He’s also managed to keep MET very distinct from its stablemate English Teaching Professional (I can never quite put my finger on how). My main hope for the change in editorship is that nothing changes!

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