My most popular articles

This list is based on stats which are almost a year old, but wanted some way to mark the ending of my series of over 270 TEFL articles on TEFLnet.

Not many great surprises in the list – for example, it seems many people share my inability to shake off an obsession with teaching tenses (though I have since got over wasting much time on Reported Speech and Past Perfect). It’s nice to see people preparing for the CELTA, agreeing with me that beginners can really communicate, paying attention to pron and determiners, teaching classroom English as well as using it, being adventurous with movement in adult classes, paying attention to cultural differences, and hopefully using mingling activities that are slightly better than the usual ones. It’s also always nice to see when time spent on a seemingly obscure topic like using From Head to Toe for EFL gets some attention – surprisingly often the case.

15 fun Present Perfect activities

15 fun games for the Present Continuous

15 top fun pronunciation games

15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present Continuous

Countable and uncountable noun games

15 fun ways of practising the Past Perfect

Past Continuous activities

24 defining and non-defining relative clause games

35 Present Perfect Simple & Continuous games

Fun activities for prepositions of time

Reported speech games

Speaking games for false beginners

15 classroom language games

Describing people games

Will for predictions

Physical warmer games for adults

15 things to do with a whiteboard

Likes and dislikes games

Find someone who and mingling games

Job application tasks

Third and mixed conditionals practice

Needs analysis

Fun business English lessons

Drawing games

Starting adult lessons

Games for reported speech

15 ways of starting a preschool English lesson

Body vocabulary

Going to

Describing your company and job

Fun practice for Simple Past

Practice of there is/ are/ was/ were

Activities for mixed future tenses

Using From Head to Toe in English classes

Why PPP is so unfashionable

Country and nationality

Cultural differences

Teach sentence stress and rhythmn

Needs analysis criteria

Fun activities for practising a, an and the

Activities for second conditional

Reasons to avoid TEFL courses

Explaining the Present Perfect Continuous

Activities with simple phonics flashcards

Adverbs of frequency

Interesting TOEIC lessons

Fun cultural training topics

Solutions for large pre-school classes

Cultural differences in Japanese English classes

Not many actual unusual or adventurous topics in there, so have also done a list of my wackier articles on TN and its sister site EnglishClub. If that ain’t enough for you, my over 400 articles are arranged by topic here and by place here.

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