Janglish in Taiwan

Have been desperately searching for more evidence of the influence of Janglish (expressions made in Japan from English and other European sources) to make all that work on my big list of Janglish seem at least partly worthwhile, so was delighted to find a few in Taiwan:

 arubaito, from the German word arbeit, for part-time work

 CF, short for commercial film, for a TV commercial (CM in Japanese, also CF in Korean)

 DM, short for direct mail, for (old fashioned postal) junk mail

 handoru, from handle, for steering wheel and handlebars

 hysterie, from German, for hysteria

 mooningu kooru, from morning call, for a wake-up call in hotels

 nekku tai, from neck tie, for a tie

 NG, short for no good, opposite of OK

 nyu opun, from new open, for newly opened

 otobi, short for auto-bike, for motorbike

 pan, from Portuguese pao, for bread

 PK, short for penalty kick, for penalty

 shabon, from Portuguese sabao, for soap bubbles

 wai shatsu, short for white shirt (not Y shirt as it sounds like), for a business shirt/ dress shirt

There must be more, given that Japan was a colonial power in Taiwan much longer than in Korea, but probably not as many as my list of similarities between Konglish and Janglish given how comparatively immune Chinese tends to be to straight borrowing of words.

Anyone know any more, e.g. elsewhere in Asia?

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