New ELT articles, worksheets and news July 2013

There are loads! Will give you something to read on the beach or plane, anyway…

Most recent and/ or useful stuff I haven’t mentioned yet nearer the top:


How to teach modals of possibility/ probability/ deduction – LINK FIXED

If it can be done at home, don’t do it in class – LINK FIXED

How to teach giving examples – LINK FIXED

Using memory in EFL classes – LINK FIXED

First lessons for Academic English classes – LINK FIXED

How to teach clothes vocabulary to young learners – LINK FIXED

7 word formation games – LINK FIXED

How to teach the language of prohibition – LINK FIXED

How to make sure students get what the need from day one

Advantages and disadvantages of model answers for learning writing (with how to exploit the advantages and get rid of the disadvantages)

Games to practice want/ want to

How to teach body parts to kids

EFL lessons on the topic of parks

Rethinking running around games

Running dictations in EFL classes

Theory and reality of needs analysis and course design


English replaces French in Tour de France

New Dutch law to make English lessons possible younger (rather bizarrely, given their success without wasting their time with such rubbish)

135 million Euros spent by EFL students in Malta last year

52 year old mother tries to take daughter’s English test


Food vocabulary word formation challenge game

British food speculating game

Positive and negative words connected to food and dining

Comparing and contrasting Getting to know you games

Speculating Getting to know you games

Open cloze practice for emailing

Adverbs etc to express uncertainty and uncertainty (especially useful for Academic English)

Comparing and contrasting your weeks

Telephone phrases brainstorming and roleplays

Typical words in academic writing tasks

plus loads of FCE stuff.

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