The most half-arsed TEFL course website page ever?

There ain’t much of it, so quoted in full just as on the original page:

“TESOL Worldwide – Teach English in Palestine

Wikipedia article – First two paragraphs – no links.

Palestine (Greek: ?a?a?st???, Palaistine; Latin: Palaestina; Hebrew: ???????? Palestina; Arabic: ??????? Filas?in, Falas?in, Filis?in) is a name which has been widely used since Roman times to refer to the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.[1] It is derived from a name used already much earlier for a narrower geographical region, mainly along the sea shore. In its broader meaning as a geographical term, Palestine can refer to an area that includes contemporary Israel and the Palestinian territories, parts of Jordan, and parts of Lebanon and Syria.[1][2] In its narrow meaning, it refers to the area within the boundaries of the former British Mandate of Palestine (1920-1948) west of the Jordan River.

CIA world fact book on Palestine.”

From ATI (American TESOL Institute), an organisation that the new owner of Unitefl mentioned as one of the top three TEFL accredition organisations after Cambridge and TEFL International

Any other candidates for most half-arsed TEFL course page ever?

Here’s the TEFL Newsroom story for which I was searching for TEFL in Palestine in the first place, in case you were wondering:

Linguistics prof made Palestine PM

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