Places to publish guest blog posts about TEFL

Here’s a list that I came up with after a couple of hours of research. If I’ve missed or wrongly categorised any, or if you’d like to let us know why one blog especially deserves people’s guest posts of any particular kind, then please let me know. To get that process started, if you want to write something satirical, disparaging of EFL exams or analytical about TEFL qualifications, TEFLtastic is the place for you:

Blogs that specifically welcome guest posts

Teaching Village (Babara Sakamoto) – Would you like to write a guest post for teaching village?

TEFLtastic blog – Guest Pieces Wanted and Guest Writer tagged posts

OUPELTglobal blog – About – “If… you’d like to be a guest blogger for us, you can always contact us by leaving a comment or dropping us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note, we don’t accept guest posts from writing agencies, freelance marketers or PR professionals. If you’re an ELT professional and you’d like to have your voice heard, then get in touch.”

Free Technology for Teachers – Guest bloggers wanted and guest posts category

British Council Turkey’s ELT blog on TeachingEnglish – Guest ELT bloggers wanted

Ted’s TEFL Newbie – Share Your TEFL Expertise

Other blogs that have a substantial number of guest blog posts on TEFL

Macmillan Dictionary Blog – search for Guest Blog

English Attack blog – search for Guest Post

Reflections of a Teacher and Learner (David Dodgson) – List of guest blogger posts

A Teacher in Taoyuan (Hall Houston) – search of “guest post” (with at least five results)

The Teacher James – search for Guest Post in the search box

Teacher Reboot Camp – guest blogging tagged posts and a more recent guest post that doesn’t have that tag

Doing some Thinking – Guest Post category (about five posts)

Burcu Akyol’s blog – Guest author category posts

A Journey in TEFL – Couldn’t find a list or any details, but seem to be a fair number

TEFL Geek – Guest posts (only seem to be two authors so far)

Ken Wilson’s blog – guest post by Ozge Karaoglu (with links to other guest posts)

ICAL TEFL blog – “We welcome posts by guest bloggers; if you would like the opportunity to post here, please email us at”

TESOL France blog – though maybe only accept lesson plans, example here:

Follow the ELT Publishing category below for the rest of this series on getting published in various ways.

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6 Responses to Places to publish guest blog posts about TEFL

  1. Thanks for the mention! Teaching Village is thrilled to receive guest posts from teachers, and I’m always happy to work with teachers who are a bit nervous about publishing online (because they’re unsure of their English or because it’s the first time, or whatever reason).

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks for noticing! Due to that enthusiasm and also being an all round star, have promoted you to top of the list (which is otherwise in a somewhat random order).

  3. Awwww, so sweet!

    Thanks for the promotion, and the kind words 🙂

  4. This post seems like a great resource. I look forward to exploring these sites a bit more. Thanks!

  5. alexcase says:

    Thanks Crystal. Have just posted a similar list of TEFL magazines, journals and websites too.

  6. Alex Barboza says:

    In my new blog,, I am accepting guest blogs. I still haven’t set up a guest authors’ page but you can contact me through admin at

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