Applying to write for ELT publishers links

I’m writing an article on this, which I’ll link to when it’s up. In the meantime…

Advice on sending unsolicited applications/ proposals

Submitting material to a publisher

A Decent Proposal by Neil Wood, Managing Editor for Business English, ESP and EAP titles at OUP on OUP ELT blog

How to Get Your TEFL Book Published by Stuart Tipping of (very influential at the time publisher) LTP

Career Steps to Becoming a Materials Writer by well-known ELT writer and blogger and founder of The Round Lindsay Clandfield

Making proposals to ELT publishers on Macmillan’s Onestopenglish (originally published in EL Gazette) by David Riley

Examples of ELT book proposals

Potato Pals

ELT publishers asking for applications

Calls for book proposals

Big ELT publishers

Macmillan Education – Proposal submission form

Pearson – Become an Author – Quick Guide

CUP – Guidelines for submission of a book proposal (ELT/ ESOL)

Local parts of big ELT publishers

Macmillan LanguageHouse (Japan)

OUP Japan – Guidelines for ELT Proposal Submission

Smaller ELT publishers

TESOL – Submission Guidelines for Authors of Book Proposals

and book proposal form

Richmond – FAQ

“Please send your proposal through to . Alternatively if you would prefer to speak to someone first about your proposal, please email us your contact details and someone from the team will get in touch.”

Delta Publishing – Contact

“We are award-winning publishers who believe in publishing innovative materials. We welcome contact from prospective authors and are happy to receive ideas and proposals via email. Please send these to:

ABAX – Contact

“Do you have… a manuscript proposal? We will be glad to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below or via or by calling 1-877-655-ABAX (2229) or faxing us on 1-877-706-2229.”

The Round

R.I.C Publications – Become an Author

Pro Lingua Associates – Guidelines for submitting manuscripts (only accepted on paper)

Alta Publishing – Publishing ESL (only accepted on paper)

Academic publishers

Wiley – Book Authors (not specific to ELT)

Calls for other kinds of applications to ELT publishers

OUP ELT – write a 60 minute lesson for Pre-Intermediate learners and send

Pearson ELT – Write for – write your favourite lesson plan and a warmer etc

Macmillan Education Award for Innovative Writing (2013 award already closed)

“this award is open to aspiring ELT authors who have not yet published any of their work. The winner receives £1,000 and the opportunity to publish their work” – See Word document linked to near the bottom of this page:

RedNova Learning (American subsidiary of Macmillan) – send CV etc (not proposal)

CUP is one of several publishers involved with this:

ELTTeacher2Writer writers’ database

Calls for online materials (which could lead to paid writing work, as it did for me)

Onestopenglish Lesson Share

Cambridge ESOL (register then click on Add Your Teaching Resources)

Pearson ELT (register then submit to the specific area for teacher materials, then takes 5 to 10 working days to be accepted or rejected)

Couldn’t find anything similar for OUP and CUP, although it may be possible on course-specific sites.

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5 Responses to Applying to write for ELT publishers links

  1. Thanks for linking to our resources, Alex. If we have any future author recruitment initiatives, we’ll let you know.
    Oxford University Press ELT

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks for putting such a good guide online. Also just linked to you in my latest piece as somewhere to publish guest blog posts

  3. this is a great post embracing so many information sources! I am going to study it carefully..

  4. Alex, I’m sorry if it’s too much to ask, but I wanted your advice on the publishing opportunities: I am interested in freelance materials writing, though what I’d like to work on is not a solid book, but separate worksheets of different kinds. I have quite a good worksheet that I feel confident about and I was going to send it to the publishers you mentioned in this post. I started with Pearson ELT, where it’s possible to submit a worksheet for a lesson share competition. However, when I was already about to send my worksheet, I read a note offering to send an example of your work along with a CV and cover letter in case you are an experienced teacher and ELT writer. So now I am not sure if should still stick to the Lesson Share Competition or directly contact the editors with my e-mail containing CV and worksheet. What would you recommend?

    Sorry if I have troubled you with so many questions, but I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter…


  5. alexcase says:

    Hi Svetlana

    I imagine you can just do both! It’s very unlikely that your job would actually be writing more photocopiable worksheets as publishers very rarely produce such books nowadays, but sending a sample can’t be a bad idea.

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