My new TEFL stuff (Dec 2012 – Jan 2013)


Gardens/ gardening in EFL classes – LINK FIXED

TPR for can/ can’t  – LINK FIXED

Games for can/ can’t – LINK FIXED

Teaching future continuous

Future continuous games 

Future continuous speaking practice 

Movement in adult classes – LINK FIXED

How to teach It is/ They are 

How to use the topic of inventions in EFL classes

How to Teach English for Engineers


Crime and Punishment- Vocabulary and Speaking

The meanings of affixes

Simple Past Regular Verbs- Pronunciation and Storytelling

Irregular Simple Past- Pronunciation and Storytelling

Superlatives- Animal Dimensions Guessing Game

Superlatives- Pictionary Challenge Game

Advantages and Disadvantages of Future Technologies

Business English Presentations- Correct the Errors 2

IELTS Listening – Expressions which make it easier to spot the answer

Reading Exam Tactics- Discussion Questions

Email- Determiners Pairwork

IELTS Writing Part Two Tips and Useful Language

Business English- Reporting Verbs in Taking Minutes

plus loads of EAP ones which I’ll link to when a related article goes up.

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