List dictation guessing game – TEFLtastic classics Part 10

Updated 21 October 2020

This is based on an activity in the classic Dictation: New Methods New Possibilities, but I have expanded on the original idea and adapted it for particular language points.

Students listen to a list of words and compete to try and guess the connection between them. They can then label a written version and test each other in the same way in groups. As an extension, you can also get them to brainstorm vocabulary in the same categories.

It’s a great way of presenting and/ or revising a lot of vocabulary, but you’ll obviously need to spend more time on the more important words from the lists with other activities. It also takes forever to prepare, but it is a good way of putting together a whole load of useful vocabulary for a course. Alternatively, just try one of mine:

Key words for starting and ending emails list dictation (in this e-book) – NEW

Vocabulary for describing British life list dictation

Engineering vocabulary list dictation

Clothes and accessories list dictation

Uncountable nouns list dictation

Sports list dictation and speaking

Architecture list dictation

English for designers list dictation

Media vocabulary list dictation

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1 Response to List dictation guessing game – TEFLtastic classics Part 10

  1. katring89 says:

    Hi! Thank you so much – I am teaching an engineer, and this list dictation game will be great to use in class.

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