Brainstorming in EFL articles and worksheets

I can say from personal experience that it is very easy to brainstorm all the time but very difficult to just do so at the right time and to do so well. I still have all kinds of issues with it, but have put together my pondering on the topic over the last couple of years in two articles and a bunch of worksheets:


Brainstorming problems and solutions

Different ways of brainstorming in EFL

Other blog posts with relevant worksheets


Phrases for brainstorming in pairs and groups presentation and practice

Needs analysis and phrases for group brainstorming presentation

Improving education brainstorming phrases practice

Brainstorming to present and practise other language

Brainstorm and rank comparing and contrasting phrases

Brainstorm useful phrases for IELTS Speaking Part Three into the gaps

Hedging/ generalising phrases brainstorm into the gaps

Brainstorming for job applications

Sharing experiences of using and learning English (useful for needs analysis and presentation of useful phrases)

Sharing experiences key words brainstorming and speaking games

Correct, simplify and brainstorm sharing experiences phrases

Brainstorming phrases for sharing personal experiences

Public spaces brainstorming

Clarifying phrases key words brainstorming

Post-discussion discussion and brainstorming

Completing telephoning phrases brainstorming and roleplays

Brainstorming clothes and accessories game (for young learners)

Social issues brainstorming and speaking

Current affairs vocabulary brainstorming and speaking

Brainstorming language for IELTS Listening

Body parts brainstorming for prepositions of position

Business English questions brainstorming

Challenges 1 brainstorming revision game

IELTS Speaking vocabulary brainstorming

Food business ideas brainstorming meeting

Mini  brainstorming meetings

Sports brainstorming and discussion

How was your weekend? brainstorming

Food vocabulary brainstorming

Brainstorming education vocabulary

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One Response to Brainstorming in EFL articles and worksheets

  1. alexcase says:

    New idea on this topic: brainstorming different topics of vocabulary to the tune of the song English Country Garden.

    Haven’t tried it in class yet, but my three year old daughter quite enjoys it…

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