Numbers pairwork guessing game (TEFLtastic classics Part 9)

A classic activity for numbers, vocabulary and comparatives. If you like this and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 5 April 2021

As a former physics nerd, when my LCCI Teaching English for Business cert tutor told me all classes should do a numbers review I didn’t need much more persuading, and I’ve been churning out worksheets and articles on the topic ever since. This one is by far the best, also being good for topic-specific vocabulary, question formation (especially How… questions), and comparatives.

Students are given different bits of trivia with numbers in them, e.g. “Tokyo Tower is 12 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower” and make any of them into questions (“How much taller is Tokyo Tower than the Eiffel Tower?”) to ask their partners. As the first guess is very unlikely to be right, students then give hints with “Much taller”, “A little shorter” and “A tiny bit taller” etc until their partner gets exactly the right number. Most of the worksheets then go on to test them on the pronunciation of the numbers they have just been using:

Passive voice numbers quiz– NEW

How many did…? trivia quiz irregular Past Simple practice

How many… does… have? simple numbers trivia quiz

Time of Day Trivia Quiz

How many with irregular plurals trivia quiz

How long had…? Past Perfect trivia quiz

Metals industry pairwork numbers guessing game

Insurance trivia numbers pairwork

Financial English numbers pairwork guessing game (fun game with numbers pronunciation practice, financial vocabulary collocations, and comparative adjective + adverb practice)

How much and how many trivia quiz (countable and uncountable, pronouncing numbers and comparing/ contrasting)

Christmas Trivia Numbers Pairwork version 2

Christman trivia numbers pairwork version 1

Social issues numbers pairwork

Legal trivia numbers pairwork

Olympics statistics pairwork guessing game

Numbers review for computer engineers

Numbers for architects guessing game

Medical numbers trivia (on onestopenglish so subscription needed)

Best of Japan number trivia

Business and financial number trivia (numbers review)

Japan numbers trivia pairwork low level version

Click on the TEFLtastic Classics tag below for the rest of this series of stuff I use absolutely all the time.

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