New TEFL articles and worksheets September 2012

The blog is months away from being back to normal, but am churning out the worksheets on UsingEnglish and the articles there, on Englishclub and on as usual:


Hobbies/ Leisure/ Free time for EFL young learners

Teaching basic directions to young learners – LINK UPDATED

Teaching ideas about toys – LINK UPDATED

Using video to practice prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

Arts and crafts to practise prepositions of position – LINK FIXED


Functions for IELTS Speaking correction/ brainstorming

Guess the year continuous aspect review

Formality/ politeness in business requests

Exam tips with gaps which are useful phrases for IELTS

Phrases for quoting practice game

IELTS Speaking tips/ information discussion

Continuous aspect sentence completion guessing game

BULATS Speaking on the topic of writing

Useful phrases for business reports

Telephone or face to face

Use the drop-down menus under the photo to access all my approximately 1400 worksheets and 300 articles.

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