Is Cambridge ESOL unwittingly legitimising dodgy courses?

My recent posts have reminded me of three ways in which the name “Cambridge” is being used to sell courses that are actually competing with them:

– Websites which are agents for both CELTA courses and others, including maybe their own courses, mentioning Cambridge as a proof of quality and then going on to recommend the other courses as much or even more – including often making inaccurate statements about the CELTA to make a false distinction between them

– The same for chains for schools that offer the CELTA in one place and other courses (including perhaps their own) in others

– Online courses including TKT (Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test) preparation and using that as an excuse to write “Cambridge” on their site as many times as they can, despite Cambridge not vetting any TKT courses

Not sure what Cambridge can do about any of those things – anyone else have any ideas?

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