New ELT articles and worksheets August 2012

While you’ve all been tanning yourself somewhere, I’ve been hiding my ginger nut and lobster skin in Starbucks churning out a whole stack that you can thank my Irish and/ or Viking genes and the Japanese sun for:


Action games for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

Realia and flashcard activities for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

How to teach IELTS Speaking Section One

Fun kids’ practice activities for time

Teaching family words to young learners (without trying to use a picture to teach “uncle” like some textbooks seem to be suggesting!)


Homophones odd one out Elementary

Phrases for group brainstorming/ education vocab and discussion

Starting and ending emails game

Phrases for IELTS line graph tasks

IELTS Needs analysis and Speaking Part One practice

Gestures for presentations Version 2

People and society vocabulary game and discussion

Determiners and prepositions in reports pairwork

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