A nice fun personalised speaking activity for Past Continuous

As I’ve written before, when I do use a PPP methodology I tend to present the grammar near the end of the lesson, let them get their heads round it for homework, and then do the speaking practice in the next lesson when they should benefit a bit more from it than they would 10 minutes after they first came across the grammar as in a CELTA lesson. (I call this slight variation PPPP).

I went into this class planning to finish off the PPPP with the fairly good activity of getting students to find times when they were doing the exact same thing, e.g. that they were both eating lunch as 12:20 p.m (as students finding things in common is always quite nice for classroom dynamics). However, the initial “How has your week been?” chat turned to the much juicier topic of uncomfortable moments at work etc and so I just went with it and instead got students to try to find moments in the last seven days when they were doing something more unpleasant than their partner, e.g. that “I was rechecking all the figures at 8:20 last night because the books didn’t balance” was even worse than the “I was cleaning an entire family sized tub of kimchi off the kitchen  floor and wall at 8:20 last night” that I was sure I was going to win with (real examples!)

More Past Progressive speaking games , many Past Cont photocopiable worksheets, another game idea, a song and a story here.

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