Highlights from EtP and MET magazines for under ten pounds a year?

Have just come across the new website from the publishers of both English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher magazines, with highlights from their archives plus some extra content:


As it would cost you 28 pounds for an online subscription to just EtP (33 pounds for digital plus paper), it’s a bargain for people who need a searchable database of articles to quote in the Diploma. For everyone else, I think you’d be better off just subscribing to one of the two magazines because:

– The new website very much doesn’t have a magazine format, meaning there isn’t one page where you can see some new articles plus all the other new content together (the “What’s New” page doesn’t really do that). How often do you pick up a magazine or go online with a specific article or topic in mind to search for? This could be solved with a weekly or monthly email newsletter though.

– The extra content isn’t updated as regularly as it claims, and you can get free podcasts and blog round ups elsewhere

– They have a history of uncompleted and abandoned digital projects

– You get three free months of access to this site anway by subscribing to one of the magazines

CambridgeEnglishTeacher has similar issues and is nearly three times the price, but does offer courses to add a bit of structure to your reading plus a subscription to EtP so that you do get a monthly chunk of something to read.

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