More Olympics worksheets and teaching ideas

Here’s the new stuff:


Olympics Ideas Two: Beyond sports


General meanings of sporting words

Sports idioms

Improving the Olympics

Debates on the topic of sport

Explaining sports speaking game

Mini-presentations on the topic of sport

Olympics statistics pairwork guessing game

Complete IELTS Speaking tests on the topic of sports

Sporting trends

Sports 20 questions

Sports Janglish

Older stuff


Olympics ideas one: English through and for sport


Sports brainstorming and discussion (much more interesting than it sounds, good for opinions language)

Can/ Can’t match the person to the sport

Numbers in sport

Sports and hobbies collocations pelmanism game plus detailed instructions

101 IELTS Speaking Part Two tasks about sports and hobbies

Full IELTS Speaking about leisure, sports and health

IELTS Speaking parts one and two on sports (play, do and go)

Can/ Can’t sports mimes (miming not being able to serve a tennis ball etc is always amusing in a Mr Bean kind of way)

Business idioms (including sports idioms)

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