Have only just come across this option, but sounds like a good one if you are British:

CELTA plus an initial qualification in teaching in the further education sector in the UK, all for as little as 735 pounds. If that saves you from the private TEFL sector in London, it has to be a good thing! There are 29 centres which offer it, including the place where I did my intro the TEFL, the Brasshouse in Birmingham.

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3 Responses to CELTA plus PTLLS

  1. 26 Letter says:

    “If that saves you from the private TEFL sector in London, it has to be a good thing!”

    That’s true, but unfortunately this new qualification is coinciding with massive cuts in the FE and adult education sector. Many institutions are shedding jobs and not recruiting any new teachers. The only growth area for ESOL in the UK is now teaching those who are on jobseekers allowance: they are being forced by the Job Centres to attend ESOL classes. This is sometimes perhaps not as dismal as teaching in the London TEFL sector, but nonetheless the organisation of these courses is often not conducive to real education.

    Hopefully, this picture might change, but for now I would caution anybody doing CELTA+PTLLS that they are going to find it hard to find a permanent full time contract.

  2. Alex Case says:

    Yes, I hope I haven’t given the impression that you will be guaranteed a job or that the job will be perfect if you do so. My experience of studying French A Level as an evening class in an FE college tells me that in some ways the private sector is better – but of course in the private sector there is absolutely no such thing as a permanent job and the hourly pay tends to be lower too. And anyway it seems you can take the two qualifications for cheaper than a CELTA in Thailand (I wonder if they can subsidize it because of the FE component), so you may as well.

    To everyone else, may I highly recommend 26 Letter’s summary of the topic and the great comments it received:

  3. 26 Letters says:

    Yes, I suppose I’m not comparing like with like. It just seems a shame because there was a “golden age” of Esol between 2000-2007 where the government actively supported and funded it, whereas now they are cutting heavily and most new jobs advertised are for ad-hoc agency work.

    Like I said, there will be growth in one area: Job centre courses. These are okay, but not as good as the days when students actually volunteered to attend.

    And yes, if you can get the PTLLS (which used to be PGCE) and CELTA for the same price then it is worth it. I personally enjoyed doing the PGCE and learnt a lot on it.

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