Well, I thought it was funny anyway – TEFLtastic attempts at humour in 2011

In approximate order of how amusing I thought I was being when I wrote them:

Self-defence based on classic TEFL activities

Paul Simon’s long lost TEFL version of The Boxer

The TEFL checklist revolution

The very latest IWBs

400 things to do with an interactive whiteboard

What your seating plans say about you

Trademark cases hit TEFL

Job near North Korean border

Japan facing TEFL demographic crisis

Variations on Suggestopedia

What you really should ask in level checks/ needs analysis

Mario Rinvolucri arrested and handed over to English UK

An even quicker way of marking writing

The good news and bad news about TEFL in Japan

 EL Gazette closed after hacking of famous TEFLers

Changes to the Cambridge Delta experimental bit

The complete alternative TEFL dictionary

The best slogans for scummy schools

Other slightly less self-indulgent lists of TEFL humour from back when I had time to read other people’s blogs (and they were few enough to read all of them) here:



I apparently had something better to do this time last year , but if anyone clicks on this one I might still draw up a “best of” for 2010.

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