Problems with the CELTA and YL extension

Updated 12 March 2017

A very thoughful post on the topic on the forums of (the British Council/ BBC site):

Problems with the CELTA

Rather disappointed no one has commented, so please do leave comments here or there.

Original post disappeared, but someone copied it here:

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3 Responses to Problems with the CELTA and YL extension

  1. Andy Mallory says:

    I think anyone who has been through the CELTA/Cert TESOL [Trinity] process and taught for a few years can see it’s limitations.

    It does seem to be the best thing for a new teacher to do a CELTA (or equivalent) before starting as a teacher, though many cannot find the time/money/motivation to do so.

    A HUGE mistake perpetuated by the industry is that a cert level qual = qualified. They were only ever meant to be an INITIATION. You were supposed to do a cert – teach 2 years and do a Diploma.

    It is still troubling that after decades of research and practice we still don’t have a clearer consensus of how to do this. A lot that is in the CELTA as ‘gospel’ is quite questionable in the classroom. PPP used to be that standard Celta format and I suspect still is in some places.

    I too think the EFL approach to reading is a bit off kelter. It just doesn’t seem to resonate with how we actually approach written texts in real life. Though using ‘skim and scan’ vastly improved my ability to find the answers to FCE and IELTS reading tests! So maybe it does work in the end. I always found it very hard to sell to the students especially Japanese who have a reverential respect for the written word. So do Arabs I believe.

    I think people coming off a CELTA should be prepared (perhaps in a final debriefing?) that the standards they’ve hit are impossible to maintain in a 25 hour work week. Partly this is because a 15 hour contact week is more reasonable but not usual in the money grubbing sweathops that are typical today…

    Over time and with proper support and resources even on a 20-25 hour work week it is possible to sustain a CELTA C level for mostof your lessons. You might hit an occasional A and have about 3 out of 5 hours a day hitting C, with the rest falling into the nearly useless pot boiler grade.

    If you spread around the good lessons to avoid a Cinderella class then that is about the best you can do.

    That’s my take anyway.

  2. alexcase says:

    The conversation there has recently restarted. Stimulating stuff.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I took my CELTA about 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve read a lot and have had a lot of experience teaching. Definitely one thing I agree with the writer is that certain things are proclaimed as gospel when it’s not really so.

    I encountered that post and this post while searching for info about the yl extension. I’m thinking of taking it, yet I’m not sure now!

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