Sentence completion guessing games (TEFLtastic classics Part Two)

Updated 1 January 2018

I almost certainly didn’t make this game up, but I publically challenge anyone to prove that they’ve overexploited it as much as me!

The rules are incredibly simple: Students complete at least some of the sentence stems that their teacher gives them (e.g. “I would be happier if…” or “I always…”), then read out some examples of what they have written (but not the original sentence stem) so that the other students can guess which sentence stem they wrote that in. More confident classes can do the same game without the initial writing stage and/ or make up similar whole sentences for their partners to guess the start of without any help.

It’s fun and personalised, and uses a mix of skills. What more could you ask for?

Some of the many many possible uses available as ready-to-use worksheets here:

For grammar


Simple Past sentence completion guessing game

Present Simple/ Adverbs of frequency Sentence completion guessing game

Present Perfect Sentence completion guessing game and extended version

Continuous aspect sentence completion game


Zero conditional sentence completion guessing game

First conditional sentence completion guessing game

Second conditional sentence completion guessing game

Business second conditional sentence completion guessing game

Third conditional sentence completion guessing game

Conditionals review sentence completion guessing game

Colours and conditionals sentence completion guessing game

Other grammar points

Present and past ability sentence completion games (bluffing, things in common and guessing game)

Past and present modals of obligation and permission sentence completion games (bluffing, guessing and things in common)

Verbs patterns sentence completion games (guessing game, bluff and things in common) – NEW

ed and ing adjectives sentence completion guessing game

Adjective plus preposition sentence completion guessing game and Cutting Edge version

Adverbs of manner sentence completion guessing game

Verb patterns and prepositions sentence completion guessing game

Verb patterns personalised guessing game (Pre-Int version – with version 2 there the sentence completing version)

Other language points

Country and nationality words sentence completion games (bluffing game and two guessing games)

Free time sentence completion guessing game

The TEFLtastic Classics posts are occasional collections of my worksheets and other ideas that I find myself coming back to all the time. Click on the tag of that name below for the rest of the series.

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6 Responses to Sentence completion guessing games (TEFLtastic classics Part Two)

  1. Zdenek Rotrekl says:

    Students love this game. I have used at least three of the worksheets above and I can confirm that they work. If you are considering using these, do not hesitate. They are great.

  2. I’ve done something like this before, but these worksheets will definitely come in handy ! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Brad

  3. a says:

    As an English teacher, I enjoyed your ideas. I would be really happy to know your suggestions for games which are specifically designed for interaction and story telling.

  4. Alex Case says:

    Hi a

    I’ll try and put some ideas together for you.

    What age range and level?

  5. Andy R says:

    Hey there – have just discovered your (voluminous) collection of materials and suffice to say it is my current TEFL obsession. Thanks for the good stuff! A (:

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