Lots of lovely new articles and worksheets

Actually, I have no way of judging the loveliness of my own stuff, of course, just had a nice ring to it. Actually, lots could be an exaggeration too…


Adverbs of frequency games

What your students need to know about whole numbers

Guessing games for third person S – LINK FIXED

What students need to know about emailing – LINK FIXED


Architecture numbers review

BULATS Speaking Part One topics game

Useful phrases for IELTS Speaking

Useful phrases for BULATS Speaking

FCE First Lesson – Speaking Part One review and Needs analysis

The previous supply from this month is here.

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3 Responses to Lots of lovely new articles and worksheets

  1. Zdenek Rotrekl says:

    I love the FCE worksheet immensely. However my classes start in 7 weeks and I am afraid I´m going to forget that it exists. Any suggestions how to prevent this?

  2. Alex Case says:

    As a fellow blogger, the best solution for you is probably to add it as a link on your blog, e.g. as part of FCE page. I do that fairly often, just adding it to my blogroll if I don’t have time to make a page for it.

    Other ideas near the bottom of this:

  3. Zdenek Rotrekl says:

    Thanks, I will add it, though I still believe that once September comes I will spend two hours wondering what I should teach in my first FCE lesson and once I start the lesson I will remember that there is this wonderful worksheet 🙂 It always works like this with me.

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