EFL exam materials

Classes cancelled again, I think mainly because of trains not running more than risk of more earthquakes or the wind blowing radioactive gas all this way. As the planned power cuts didn’t materialise today and anyway will probably not include central Tokyo (which our house just sneaks into), have been busy all day avoiding the rolling news downstairs by polishing my blog up up here. And boy did my blog need some polishing up…

I now finally have a page just for IELTS Worksheets, and have subdivided my IELTS Speaking Worksheets page up so that Part One and Part Two get a page each, including, believe it or not, literally hundreds of examples of sample questions of both kinds. Now that I’ve got all those off the IELTS Speaking page, that leaves a much less messy mix of Speaking Part Three and various combinations of parts on there.

There are also expanded but much less substantial pages on IELTS Writing, IELTS Reading , supplementary stuff for IELTS Masterclass, and TOEIC, leaving the main EFL Exam Worksheets page for Cambridge Exams (FCE etc) and one TOEFL lesson plan.

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