New UsingEnglish worksheets Mar 2011

Being like like the TEFLtastic worksheets that I used to plug every month before my blog protested, but with proper formatting, answer keys etc. Another reason to be grateful to WordPress!

Big numbers in British and American English

Telephoning practice TOEIC-style

Meeting people and meeting people again response matching (more fun than it looks!)

Basic adjective discussion questions (the first truly low Elementary discussion questions worksheet??)

Verb plus verb or preposition speaking game

Describing international companies (“My company produces…” type sentences, plus tricky nationality adjectives and a big slice of cultural knowledge)

Starting and finishing telephone calls

Although and but/ Because and so

Almost, almost all and almost always

Plus the four BULATS worksheets that I linked to a while ago.

The link to all my worksheets on (238 so far), is here, and TEFLtastic worksheets are here.

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