Why I was destined to be a TEFL teacher Part One – Board games

I’ve never been that interested in actual travelling, even now, and I never considered TEFL until I was on the dole and so got to do a weekend course for 45 quid. Looking back further, though, it seems as if I was fated to spend my life eliciting and putting people into pairs:

Whilst coming up with yet another TEFL board game this morning, it suddenly came back to me that I used to make up my own board games when I was a kid and force my three poor younger sisters to play them with me. I also got very early practice of the “Wait a minute, I forgot to tell you the rule about…”, although as I am not usually playing the games myself nowadays the motivations are rather different!

Part Two coming up whenever I can remember the other similar thing that occured to me the other day, and many of those variations on TEFL board games via the link of that name below.

Any signs from your own youth that you were destined to force people to mingle?

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