An Alternative A to Zed of ELTed Part 28

A continuation of what is without any doubt the longest running and/ or most pointless series in the whole of TEFL. Also the least original, as I learnt when English Droid was reborn. Still, gives us all (especially me) a break from the endless litany of dodgy TEFL course sites…

All these come from The Multilingual Subject*

discourse journals- A place for students to diss the course while practising their English

discourse journals – The opposite of “of course journals”, in which students are asked to blindingly obvious stuff like “I got up”, “I slept at the weekend” and “I like ice cream”

holophrases- Also “hollow phrases”. The learning of sentences to throw into every IELTS writing with little or no thought needed, e.g. “This is a very controversial topic”.

language as symbolic form- From language + as + seems + bollocks + form

learner’s journal- a great way of making learners spend more time reflecting on what they are or aren’t learning than on learning more

lexicalised sentence stems- the correct name for liquorice sticks

liminality – Japanese variation on “rimming”

linguistic code switching- Making up new jargon to make up for the lack of real progress in the field of linguistics

performatives- Drama queens who are both naturals from their first moment in the classroom on the TEFL course and the biggest drains on trainer time

perlocutionary effect – The effect of real coffee on teacher performance

postmodern sociolinguistics- The banishing of the sociolinguistics department to the horrible faux-Greek building in a forgotten corner of the campus, because no one knows where else to stick them

referential meaning- The real meaning of putting loads of references in your article (wanting to get noticed by the people you mention, hoping that it will make up for a lack of original ideas, etc)

semiotics- Semi + idiotic

transcriptions of classroom discourse- A teacher quickly writing an amusing mistake down to share with the other teachers at lunchtime

If you can bear more, click on the ELT Jargon tag below.

*To save more threats of legal action, I should perhaps point out that it is just the jargon that comes from the book, not the definitions…

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3 Responses to An Alternative A to Zed of ELTed Part 28

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Alex, just a passing and off-topic thought. I love your blog, which is as excellent as ever, but I’d drop by more often if you had a twitter button somewhere. Not a criticism, just an observation based on the fact that I hadn’t dropped by for a while and that I’ve developed a habit for tweeting blog posts whenever I can. Feel free to ignore me.

  2. Alex Case says:

    Hi Adam

    Always happy when you do drop by!

    What can I say, Twitter is still just not my kind of thing. Also, we also had to scrap even the delicious etc button, due to the now infamous “crash of a thousand pages” ( , since when we’ve been stripping off everything we can to try and speed things up

  3. Adam says:

    I know where you’re coming from. Nevertheless, the ELT Twittersphere is exploding right now and I’d love to see your blog occupy a greater part of it than it already does.

    On a different subject… I seem to remember proposing a guest post for you!?!?

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